So, you want to play on relics BUT you're having issues getting the game to run properly. Before you go into total freak out mode, be sure you've followed the install instructions to the letter. If you did, don't fret, our support team will help you out in anyway they can BUT there are a couple things you can do in the meantime if they are busy... afk... or in rather exceptional cases kidnapped by overseas organizations that wishes to protect the rancor population.

1) Have you played on any other server besides Basilisk?

  • If the answer is yes, your first step is to create a fresh install. Some servers may have been inconsiderate and added their custom .tre files to the SWGEmu folder. A quick way to test if this is the issue is to actually try to play on Basilisk... If it doesn't load or if it's weird... you need a fresh install. If it loads and everything's fine... it probably isn't the case BUT if it isn't inconvenient for you... you might want to try anyway.

2) Have you checked your Directx or Driver Version lately?

  • Contrary to popular belief, windows update is not a fix all cure that checks everything against all the custom software that is running in your laptop. It simply checks windows against any new updates for windows (Who knew?). I would recommend making sure your Directx is up to date. [Click Here]
  • Second, I would go to your video card manufacturers website and download their update tool. Chances are if you didn't know this tool existed... your graphics card is out of date.

3) Resolution actually can make a difference.

  • This one is a rather simple fix but may stop some crashing issues... From the relics launcher go to Settings -> Game Settings -> Graphics. match the little 100x100 number in the box to your current setting. (Windows 10 users simply right click and go to display settings to find this number)

4) How much ram did you say?

  • While the original SWG game ram on a very little amount of ram, it is possible that your game is running slow and crashing due to you constraining the amount of ram the game is allowed to consume. On the settings page, bump it up to 2 gigabytes. (If you are running a laptop from 10 years ago and don't have 2 gigabytes... you may wish to consider an update to your hardware at this time... chances are there's more issues than just the stuff in this guide). While you are at this menu, you can increase the Frame Rate... while you may not notice it all the time... 60 FPS is actually a nice little boon to the game than the default 30.